Stage Media is a Chicagoland Video Production Company. Our services encompass all of Illinois 

and surrounding states.

We specialize in video media for businesses and other creatives.

Growing Media Company

We want to support your business just as much as you support us. 

Helping you grow through video content is our goal

and in return, we get a long lasting customer!

Clear and Simple

Upfront Communication.

Speedy Response Time.

Fast Turn-arounds.


Our style of video changes depending on the type of project.

We strive to fit your needs.

Open to work when you needs us!

Ryan Stage

CEO & Lead Videographer

Ryan is an artist who is deeply passionate about his craft. With a film school background, he has expertise in Cinematography in which he uses to produce perfect motion-picture. He has taken the time to study the trends of social media and how to target particular audiences. Ryan is your go-to for video production.

Emily Wissemes